Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year, New thinking...

Feel that, last year
ntg very special for =me=
except i choose the correct person
to stay beside me~~

my year-- Tiger Year-- 10 year
Hope to do great things

Buy my DSLR (thx to my jie who inspire me)
Looking at the phuket's star in the dark
Upgrade myself =new image=
No more tummies
More $$$
Perfume collection for mum
Money collection for myself
Gadget collection for dad
Girly collection for meimei
Memories collection for dearest *keke, easy*
Friendship collection wif frenz

Hope all this will come true & its a MUST...



Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

Last year, you choose the correct person ah? who wo who wo....^^
Yea, You wan buy DSLR ah..which brand wo...Canon / Sony??

So, now we look forward to our Phuket's trip 1st la...:) Sure can go by this year la...hehe...yeah..^^ Hopefully this 10 year will get more and more sweet memories with you la...:) "MM"..hehe..


yeeling said...

haha...u guess la, who is the rite person tat i choose...
phuket trip sure go la, but stil haven decide wat brand to buy for DSLR yet wor...