Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free tickets

1st time winning 2 free movie tickets from My FM.

When i 1st receive their msg, felt so so hapi... Cuz i tot onli joan (my fren who always win free ticket from "My Fm") will have tis kind of "jiok shou"... :P

*hapi* but sad too... cuz iam not free on that day, 16/11/09 Monday night.. I had an exhibition in KLCC, so can't make it to the movie... Heard the radio say that tis movie quite nice, 3D summore..

Sayang la, cant get to watch... surely will go for next time, hopefully~~

*yeah yeah*


Cindy Khor said... are even more lucky than me!!

zhenlong25 said...

win liao cant go-.-''
give me ma! lol

yeeling said...

jie: hehe~~ no la i seldom get tis type of luck geh...hehe

zhen long: i need to tk the ticket myself geh...but i cant make it in time ma~~

BB said...

ling ling...i m come to visit u here^^..muack!